[Dog Abuse Alert] William L Dodson Charged With Animal Torture - Taped His Dog's Mouth Shut. #SayNoToDogAbuse

[Dog Abuse Alert] William L Dodson Charged With Animal Torture - Taped His Dog's Mouth Shut. #SayNoToDogAbuse

I know this is not what I usually write about, but I had to tell you about the beautiful dog called Caitlyn, who was mercilessly abused by this man. This is a MUST watch and MUST share. People must stop dog abuse.

William Leonard Dodson, a man from South Carolina, who was charged animal torture has bonded out of jail. According to numerous sources, the 41 years old William was arrested Monday night for using an electrical tape to tape the muzzle of his 15-month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix called Caitlyn. The tape was so tight that it cut off the blood flow to that part of the dogs body, resulting in damaged tissues on her muzzle and inside her mouth. Dodson was issued a $50,000 bond and ordered to surrender a second dog.

It has been reported that Dodson bought Caitlyn (previously called Diamond) for $20 on the 25th of May this year. After tapping the dog’s mouth shut, this crazy man went back to the woman who he bought the dog from and told her that he had in fact tapped Caitlyn’s mouth because she wouldn’t stop barking.

As for the poor dog, well she’s doing much better now thanks to your love and care and has progressed from being fed through an IV to eating solid food. The Charleston Animal Society are taking good care of the dog and have even tried to repair and save the dog’s damaged tissues. Please SHARE this post. Let everyone know the kind of man William is. Let everyone be aware of the fact that NO ONE will accept animal torture. This is the heights of insanity. Check this out and please don’t forget to Share this post with others. Lets stop animal cruelty.

Feature Image Source: MoviePlus

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