Foster Mom's About To Take A Picture So All Her Adorable Pups Decide To Sit Still!

Foster Mom's About To Take A Picture So All Her Adorable Pups Decide To Sit Still!

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of your pup, then you’re very aware of how difficult that can become. Convincing one pup to sit still for a photo is tough enough – but imagine having to do it for 11 dogs, all at once!

Melissa Lentz is a volunteer with Releash Atlanta who often fosters dogs – lots of them! Recently, she shared a picture of 11 of the pups in her care all sitting pretty and neatly on the sofa. It’s a perfect family picture – but how did it even happen?

Lentz took the photo to help advertise the pups ready for adoption as well as just to show off her pack of pooches. Four of the dogs – Donny, Gizmo, Monroe, and Rudy – are Lentz’s own little furkids, while the rest – Alex, Benji, Lula, Mia, Pancake, Penny, and Paxton – are available to go to forever homes.

But what’s even more impressive about this portrait that it isn’t Lentz’s first of this nature! She’s managed to snap many a perfect picture on this very same couch. How is that possible?

Well, Lentz thinks it’s about her relationship with the pups she takes in. You might notice that special bond in the trust and love in each dog’s eyes in these photos!

Lentz says that all she does is put them onto the sofa and they arrange themselves naturally, without the need for any treats or food. Then, she tells them all to look right at her and she takes a picture – just like that!

These special photographs capture the importance of foster homes and foster parents for dogs. If you’d like to take one of the available pups in, click here for more information!

Images & Feature Image Source: Melissa Lentz

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