Golden Retriever Mix Got His Picture In The YEARBOOK!

Golden Retriever Mix Got His Picture In The YEARBOOK!

Generally when you look through a middle school yearbook, you see human faces, but Taxi the service dog changed that for one school.

Taxi is a service dog to Rachel Benke, a San Antonio, Texas schoolgirl who suffers from severe seizures. Taxi is tuned in to her and in one instance, predicted a seizure, separated her from her schoolmates, and kept everyone at a distance until paramedics could arrive. Good boy, Taxi!

Rachel’s school thought he was a good boy too – so much so that he earned himself a place in the yearbook! They made him an honorary student and Taxi got his professional photo right next to Rachel’s in the school yearbook.

Taxi is the only four-legged, furry student in the Northside Independent School District, and he’s definitely the first dog to make it into the yearbook.

Watch the video below to see the full story!

Feature Image Source: Daily News

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