Heartbroken Pup Returned To Shelter When Older Pup At Home Won't Accept Him

Heartbroken Pup Returned To Shelter When Older Pup At Home Won't Accept Him

It is often difficult for animals to adjust to life in a shelter. Even though they are safer within one than outside on the streets, the stressful environment – which often involves them being kennelled or surrounded by countless other pets – can take a toll on them.

That’s the trouble that Gio was facing. The pup was placed in North Fork Animal Welfare League, which is a shelter located in Peconic, North Fork, New York, and he faced difficulty adapting. He dropped weight, was anxious and restless, and spent a lot of his time pacing listlessly in circles. He often didn’t want to eat and was visibly sad every day.

Things seemed to be looking up for a little while when Gio was finally adopted. But in his new home, an older pup was already living, and that dog wasn’t too fond of Gio’s arrival. The family tried to make it work, but ultimately, it just wasn’t meant to be. Sadly, that meant Gio was back at the shelter and anxious as ever all over again.

The shelter did everything they could to spread information on Gio in hopes that he would be adopted. They talked about all he wanted was a forever home and a human he could trust and love. His story spread across the Internet – and it worked wonders. Within just two days, after many adoption applications, the pup was successfully adopted!

Today, Gio is extremely happy and at peace in his new home. This video shows just how much fun the pup is having with his brand new parent! He’ll never have to worry about being alone ever again.

Feature Image Source: The North Fork Animal Welfare League, Inc / Facebook

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