Mama Dog Abandoned In A Landfill Inside A Box With Her 9 Puppies Get Rescued On Time

Mama Dog Abandoned In A Landfill Inside A Box With Her 9 Puppies Get Rescued On Time

A passerby spotted a rather odd-looking box in a British Columbia, Canada landfill. It was sealed and, at first glance, didn’t seem too out of place in the Puntzi Lake Landfill, but upon closer inspection, they realized the horrific truth.

Within the box was a mother pup, who would be named Casey later on, and nine of her tiny little week-old puppies. The box had evidently been sealed to prevent them from leaving and surviving, and the group was in poor shape – all skinny, tired, and clinging to life.

The person rushed the dogs to a vet clinic, and after an overnight stay, they were taken in by the Quesnel and District, British Columbia branch of the SPCA. No foster homes were available for them at the time, so staff had their work cut out for them in taking care of all the pups in need.

Though she was suffering, too, Casey only had eyes for her little ones. She poured all her effort into caring for them, even though she was nervous around the shelter staff at first. Slowly, though, she began to warm up to them, and she showed her sweet personality and naturally loving nature. For now, the family will stay at the shelter, and once the puppies are 7 weeks of age, they’ll be ready for adoption – and Casey will be, too.

For now, the SPCA is focused on searching for the person who cruelly abandoned these pups that way. There is absolutely no excuse for such a horrible decision, and for those who cannot take care of their pups, there are plenty of rescues and shelters and lots of help available to take them in safely or provide assistance.

If you know anything about the people responsible for Casey and her puppies’ plight, contact the BC SPCA at 1-855-622-7722.

Images & Feature Image Source: BC SPCA

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