Video: Chocolate Labrador In A Radox Bath With Wine And Scented Candles!

Video: Chocolate Labrador In A Radox Bath With Wine And Scented Candles!

Have you ever wondered what your fur kid does while you’re at work? I mean, that’s 8+ hours a day they have the house to themselves and there’s generally no way of knowing what exactly they do while you’re gone. Of course, there’s a good bit of napping involved, maybe some barking at the squirrels to get off their yard, playing with toys, hunting for crumbs, but then what?

Well, a chocolate lab named Max is giving his person the answer of a lifetime! As you will see in the video on the next page, this beautiful chocolate lab is found just mellowing out in a nice, warm bubble bath – complete with candles and wine (hopefully that’s doggie “wine”)!

This lab enjoys life to the max (no pun intended)! It is just so great to see the dog in a bubble bath with scented candles and all. People say “it’s a dogs life”, but there’ll be plenty of takers for this one.

Keep Reading and Watch The Video Of The Chocolate Lab’s Bubble Bath Here!

We first see the chocolate lab’s collar delicately placed on a clean, dry towel ready for Max when he gets out. As the camera pans around the room, you see a beautiful bathroom, complete with scented candles and a little doggie vino sitting conveniently at the bath’s edge. Then there is Max surrounded in bubbles! You can see how relaxed he is – this bath is really doing the trick!

Every person and dog should have this kind of pampering!

Watch the video below to see the Max the chocolate lab taking a bath with his candles.

Feature Image Source: docmatt

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