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English Bulldog Hoodie T-Shirt

English Bulldog Hoodie T-Shirt

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Product Description

This Hoodie T-Shirt was designed with English Bulldogs in mind. If you have a bully breed it can be hard to find clothes that fit their unique build. That's exactly what birthed the idea for this t-shirt hoodie - especially made to fit that stocky bulldog build. 

This hoodie is made of a high quality cotton blend for addes stretch. The design is made for room and comfort. 

Beefy is meant to fit English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, and small Pit Bulls 30-60 lbs. Bigger Than Beefy is meant for Large Male English Bulldogs, Large Bull Terriers, or Stocky & Wide-Chested Pit Bulls 56-80 lbs. For more specifics in determining the right size for your dog see the sizing info below!

The hood is intended for decorative purposes and should only be used on dogs while fully supervised. Please do not allow children or adults to play with hoods since in some breeds, the hoods could cover the dog’s eyes therefore causing emotional trauma and confusion for your pup.

When you purchase this hoodie, you will be
feeding a shelter dog for 2 days through our partnership with Rescue Bank. Dogs are typically fed twice a day so this includes 2 meals/day for a shelter dog in need. Thank you for helping us make a difference in dogs' lives. We appreciate your support in our mission to feed all hungry dogs in need until they find their furever homes. 


  • Beefy Fits Dogs 30-60 lbs:
    Measurement A - Neck to Base of Tail 17” – 21”

    Measurement B – Full girth Size 24” – 32”
    Measurement C – Full Neck Size 17” – 22”
    Measurement D – Across the Chest 11” – 15”
  • Bigger Than Beefy Fits Dogs 36-80 lbs:
    Measurement A - Neck to Base of Tail 18” – 25”

    Measurement B – Full girth Size 31” – 34”
    Measurement C – Full Neck Size 17” – 23”
    Measurement D – Across the Chest 13” – 17”
  • Beefy Is A Great Size for English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Small Pit Bulls
  • Bigger Than Beefy Is A Great Size for Large Male English Bulldogs, Large Bull Terriers, Or Stocky & Wide-Chested Pit Bulls
  • Usually Ships Within 3 Business Days
  • Only Ships in the USA

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-We ship via USPS, FedEx, UPS, and APC, depending on the product and your location.

-If your order includes multiple items, they may ship separately for faster delivery.

-All items are shipped within 10 days, but most ship much faster (see product description for more info on specific products).

Return Information

-We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your order upon receiving it, please contact us at 

-Return policy does not apply to products purchased with a discount code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how long a dog will be fed for each item I purchase?

The product description of each item includes a precise count of how many days worth of food your purchase will provide for a shelter dog. Shelter dogs are typically fed twice a day so our calculations are based on them receiving two bowls of food a day from your purchase.

Is there a limit to how much food I can donate?

Not at all. The more you purchase, the more food you will be providing to shelter dogs in need.

Where can I find out more about Rescue Bank?

Click here for more information on how and where the food is distributed.

How else can I support you in your mission?

Check out our fun and informational blog -

How do I know how soon my order will ship?

In order to ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible, if you have ordered multiple items, they may ship separately. You can see how quickly each item typically ships by viewing the product description. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with more specific information.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Unfortunately we do not offer overnight shipping at this time. 

Are you on Facebook?

Yes! Like us at  ADogsLoveSite

How do I contact you if I have other questions?

Email us at and we will get back to you promptly. 

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