Snuggle Buddy Blanket

Snuggle Buddy Blanket

Your Purchase Helps Feed Shelter Dogs

The Snuggle Buddy Companion Blanket is designed to comfort your dog while you are away with a snuggly, mini you!

Dogs feel comforted by the scent of their favorite people and the Snuggle Buddy is an unbelievably soft, sweet way to leave a little piece of yourself behind for your dog when you can't be together.

Simply spend a few nights with your snuggle buddy so that it starts to smell a bit like you. Introduce the Snuggle Buddy to your pooch and you have a new snuggle friend for them when you’re not available. Ideal for overnight vet visits, doggy day care of simply at home in dog beds or crates while you are at work or play.

Choose from female or male designs - these Snuggle Buddies are quality crafted in the USA.

They are easy to clean too - machine wash cold, tumble dry on low, do not iron. 100% Polyester.

When you purchase a Snuggle Buddy, you will be feeding a shelter dog for 5 days through our partnership with Rescue Bank. Shelter dogs are typically fed twice a day so this donation includes 2 meals/day for a shelter dog in need. Thank you for helping us make a difference in dogs' lives. We appreciate your support in our mission to feed all hungry dogs in need until they find their furever homes. 


  • 100% Polyester
  • Choose From Female or Male Designs
  • Dimensions: Approximately 16″x23″
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Usually Ships Within 2 Business Days