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WaggTagg Pet ID Tag


WaggTagg™ is the new way to help find your dog if he goes missing. When someone finds your dog, they will either scan the unique QR code on the WaggTagg or enter the WaggTagg ID on the WaggTagg website. The person that found your dog is then able to contact you.

You control how the finder contacts you from your WaggTagg account. You can add a photo of your dog and additional information that will help the finder identify your dog and get in touch with you in the way you are most comfortable with. You can decide which (if any) of your contact information is visible to the finder while still being able to receive notifications if your dog is found.

When the QR code is scanned (or the unique url is typed in online) you will receive a text and/or email directly to your phone informing you of your dog's location. This allows you to maintain your privacy while still being able to connect with the person who finds your dog.

The WaggTagg is easy to use as it simply attaches to any existing collar and you can manage multiple dogs in a household as each WaggTagg is unique. Any smart phone can scan the QR code when your dog is found.

With the WaggTagg, there is no recurring fee. 

Microchipping your pet is still a great idea but relies on the finder taking the dog to someone with a scanner such as a vet. The main benefit of WaggTagg is that the finder can contact the owner as soon as the dog is found. 

When you purchase the WaggTagg™, you will be feeding a shelter dog for 3 days through our partnership with Rescue Bank. Dogs are typically fed twice a day so this includes 2 meals/day for a shelter dog in need. Thank you for helping us make a difference in dogs' lives. We appreciate your support in our mission to feed all hungry dogs in need until they find their furever homes.  


  • Easy To Use (Attaches To Dog's Existing Collar)
  • Privacy Protected
  • Manage Multiple Dogs In A Household (Each Dog Has Its Own Unique ID Tag)
  • Any Smart Phone Can Scan The Tag
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Usually Ships Within 2 Business Days To The USA & Canada
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